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If you are a media member with questions, please contact:

Lauren Cusick at 918-551-2002

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For all other questions,
please call 800-654-7385.

For health care providers, email inquiries or call the Provider Contract Support Unit at 800-722-3730, Option 2.

Stillwater Medical Blackwell and Stillwater Medical Perry Change Network Participation

Mar. 04, 2020

As of May 1, 2020, Stillwater Medical Blackwell and Stillwater Medical Perry will participate in the following provider networks:

  • Blue TraditionalSM
  • Blue Choice PPOSM
  • Blue Preferred PPOSM

What is Changing?

The hospitals will no longer participate in these provider networks:

Stillwater Medical Blackwell:

  • BlueLincs HMO
  • Plan65 SelectSM

Stillwater Medical Perry:

  • Blue Advantage PPOSM
  • BlueLincs HMO
  • Medicare Advantage PPOSM
  • Medicare Advantage HMOSM

Locate In-Network Hospitals

We will do all we can to help affected members transition their care to in-network health care facilities. Members have several ways to find in-network care:

Continuity of Care

Members being treated for a pregnancy, disability, acute condition or life-threatening illness may have continuity of care benefits. This means they may still be able to get care at Stillwater Medical Blackwell and Stillwater Medical Perry for a limited time after they go out of network. Benefits for continuity of care are applied based on benefit plans. Members can call the number on their ID card for more information.